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Offline Method

Client can send us the scanned source  documents through email / secured FTP / through our website (For UK -Courier can also be sent)
We work on same softwares as you do on our computer.
We send the completed work back to you along with up-dated software back up for you to restore & review.
Online Method
Client Firms scans the data & upload it on a dedicated network drive on their server for us to access, scanned documents can be also sent through email/FTP/through our website
We connect to your computer / servers using secured VPN / RDP / Citrix / go to my PC®.
We complete the work & log out from remote computer / server for you to review.

Dedicated network drive is only used for outsourcing purpose, we don't require access to whole data on your server.

Migration takes more than an excel sheet with a checklist to make sure that all is accounted for. The transition/implementation stage is of utmost importance because it represents the first real task that the Sand Martin Consultants (SMC) is assuming on behalf of the client, so expectations of the client's executives are fairly high.

SandMartin has confidence on its two big assets for transition of the process

     1) Infrastructure and
     2) People


Our process migration expertise, which combines industry knowledge, process and project management techniques and a consultative approach by which our services are tailored to meet the client's specific needs. SandMartin follows a defined methodology, driven by a detailed migration toolkit and full project management rigor. We have a highly experienced transition team with strong industry expertise.

Our goal is to migrate client’s processes rapidly and seamlessly. With a carefully designed process framework, we consistently apply best practices for mapping client’s processes and identifying the key players for every step of the process. This gives us the confidence to migrate client’s processes on time and reengineer them during transition.

It’s the experience of SandMartin team that can offshore a process from beginning to end - using very solid process mapping procedures that were developed from real experiences. Our KPO team develops a deep understanding of client’s process across people, workflow and technology. We identify key interdependencies, constraints, enablers and goals while constantly looking for opportunities to consolidate and streamline client’s processes. We then deliver clear visual, easy-to-understand process maps that provide summary and highly detailed views.


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