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SandMartin (established in 1984) is an extension of Domestic Accounting Practice, operating for the last 30 years providing international consulting and services in the areas of finance, accounts, taxation and auditing to clients in India and abroad. SandMartin's dedicated expertise in these fields has enabled the company to create a foothold in International Accounting & Tax Outsourcing Market in a very short period of time Director of the firm, Mr. Sunil Goel, noted the advent of better internet connectivity at the turn of the millennium has helped the firm to become one of the longest established boutique accounts and tax outsourcing firms, as termed by ICAS and Accountancy Age.

Today, SandMartin's tax preparation services provide Top 20 Accounting Firms as well as sole proprietors based in the UK, the US and Australia with a great new way of handling their tax compliance workload and meeting filing timing deadlines. "It is no doubt a life saver for many firms, which had a tremendous pressure to cut down cost in the recessionary period," commented Mr. Goel. "SandMartin already has considerable experience in the UK, the US & Australia in individual and corporate tax preparation including India and is placed impeccably to serve CA/CPA firms abroad." SandMartin also specializes in Partnership Tax Return, Corporate Tax Return, Payroll Tax Return, Bookkeeping and Accounts Production, in addition to Retirement Plan Administration, Cafeteria Plan Administration, Super Funds, etc.

In summary, the firm provides a 'one stop shop' for all Accounting and Taxation needs from its state of the art offices in Noida, New Delhi and Mumbai with a team of around 100 plus people working for them. Mr. Goel and assistant vice president Mr. Ahuja also explained to Corporate INTL: "There has recently been a need of greater transparency of transactions from the tax havens. India is examining its own financial relationships with Mauritius and Cyprus in particular, which together account for 46% of total inward direct investment into India in the last decade. In fact, Mauritius overtook the US in this period as the largest direct investor in India. This shows how markets are distorted by the offshore system and thus a dire need to have transparent exchange of information from them." For more information please visit
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As the recession continues to make a global impact, accountancy firms are seeking to outsource their services – and one country that is reaping the benefits of this new opportunity is India, writes Richard Goslan

The most common complaint you’re likely to hear about the role of outsourcing is that it deprives people of doing jobs here that instead are being done much cheaper overseas. But when it comes to the outsourcing of accounting services, Scottish firm Johnston Smillie was motivated not by saving money, but by the difficulty in finding staff in Scotland to do the work.

“It was an extra resource for us, rather than us thinking we were going to make a fortune out of it – that wasn’t the plan at all. “It can be a saving to you, there’s no doubt about it, but broadly speaking, it was like having another pool of staff somewhere to call upon.” Johnston Smillie’s experiences have been positive in terms of the relationship they have developed with India and with the quality of work which they get back. They send over basic accounting work – management accounts, annual accounts and general book-keeping – with all their exchanges done electronically…..
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Mr. Sunil Goel, a high-flier in school and best performer in the Indian Chartered Accountants examination of 1980, was one of the first one to hoist the flag of finance and accounts outsourcing to India. He successfully amalgamated his sound academic knowledge, commercial expertise with his fervor for new technology to reap the benefits of the growing outsourcing businesses worldwide.  CEO and sole owner of Sand Martin Consultants, a leading outsourcing company, rendering services to mid-size and large accounting firms in the UK and US, Goel is humble, polite and candid individual who contentedly handles his Hindu traditions and way of life with business accomplishments. …….Read our full coverage on AccountancyAge online

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Outsourcing tax returns (1040) is a life saver for many CPA firms because it lessens the burden in peak season, gives quick TAT (Turnaround Time), acquires more clients and more . all at a really low cost.

February 11, 2010
Sponsored by SandMartin-Outsourcing Experts India
This article shows you how 1040 outsourcing is beneficial for CPA firms and how it can be done without any special set up with the equipment you already have in place.

Outsourcing tax returns have been declared a lifesaver for the many CPA firms and tax preparation agencies in U.S. The idea of tax preparation outsourcing has been developed to lessen the burden of tax preparatory firms, so that they can manage peak season tasks well.

As the total cost for managing the tax preparation work by outsourcing firm is far lesser than doing it in-house, many CPA firms are making tax preparation outsourcing a part of their long-term sustainable business model.

CPA firms can focus more and more on strategic issues rather than dealing with mundane administration chores, while you join hands with an outsourcing firm...
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SandMartin was a proud Exhibitor Sponsor of Practice Society Conference of ICAEW in 2009.

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