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Why SandMartin for 1040 outsourcing
SandMartin have been helping CPA firms overcome the challenges of addressing heavy workloads. We provide customized accounting and taxation solutions for small to large CPA firms. We not only ensure that the work we do is not just cost effective, but is up to the standards as you wish.
Fixed cost per return, no hidden charges
Automatic organization & analyzing client source documents
Reduction in preparation errors
Efficiency by going paperless
Non disclosure of client’s data
Experts on software(s) like:
1 Ultra Tax
2 Pro Series
3 Lacerte
4 Tax Work & Many more
Take Bookkeeping help
Coverage by international accounting magazine
Three Offices in Noida, New Delhi & Mumbai
16,000 sq ft office space in Noida
4,000, sq ft office space in New Delhi & 1,600 sq ft in Mumbai
Isolated work area for each client (on your request)
100 dual monitor work stations
Multiple leased line .
US/UK local phone & fax numbers for seamless communication
UPS with power generator & servo stabilizer
Proximity access control
State of the art CCTVs with DVR
24/7 manned security
Fire fighting equipments in place

Client Testimonial
A. Personally speaking, I think you and your team have done an excellent job and I thank you for your hard work during the tax season…. David Kirk

B. Namaste – just a small note to thank you and your team for an excellent service that you have provided. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and you have been extremely helpful. Thank you once again for a prompt, efficient & courteous service – I shall be back…. Malik Hossain

C. Thanks, we’re very pleased with the Tax service and will be adding more for next year. Also highly likely we’ll be looking to put some accounts work your way again and by the way your web-portal was great in having all updates about tax returns….. Sean Farnell

Outsourcing 1040’s
This article endeavors to embrace ethos of 1040 outsourcing, why is it beneficial for CPA firms to outsource 1040 & how it is done to clarify that it doesn’t require any special set up to start 1040 outsourcing, you may be equipped already.

Outsourcing tax return has been declared as a life saver for the many CPA firms and tax preparation agencies in US.
The idea of tax preparation outsourcing has been developed to lessen the burden of tax preparatory firms, so that they can manage peak season tasks well.

As the total cost for managing the tax preparation work by outsourcing firm is far lesser than doing it in house, many CPA firms are making tax preparation outsourcing a part of their long-term sustainable business model.

CPA firms can focus more and more on strategic issues rather than dealing with mundane admin stuff while you join hands with outsourcing firm.

Top 3 Benefits of Tax Preparation Outsourcing

By outsourcing Tax Preparation the major benefits that CPA firm would derive include:

Advantage Benefit
Low tax Preparation cost + Fixed
Tax Returns prepared by outsourcing firm will cost up to 50% less than the average tax preparation cost currently incurred by a mainland firm. This reduction in cost will not only ensure increased profit margins, but will provide a significant marketing advantage for acquiring new clients.

Quick turn around

Quick turnaround time means improved client service. The standard turnaround time is just 1-2 business days. Increase customer satisfaction

Grow your firm

Access to a dependable and trained back-office team well-versed in all the latest tax preparation software. No need to increase your staff during the busy season.

Profit by doing more tax returns in a season.
How is it done? Logistics
1 2 3
CPA firm scans the data & upload it in a dedicated network drive on their server for outsourcing firm to access or access to DMS is given
Outsourcing firm connects to CPA firm computer/servers using secured VPN/RDP/Citrix/go to my PC® connection
Outsourcing firm complete the work & log out from remote computer/server for CPA firm to review the tax return
Logistics Explained
CPA Firms gives access to their server / computer through a secured remote connection with the user name & password. (If you are currently accessing your office computer remotely or from home, it’s the same technology Outsourcing firm would be requiring)
Outsourcing firm are given access to one of the drives where clients’ data (including scanned source documents needed) are placed or access to DMS (Document Management Software) is given where source documents are placed.
Short cuts are also created for various programs like Lacerate DMS, Lacerte Tax on the desktop for outsourcing firm use.
What CPA firm finds is completed tax returns for review & file.
Outsourcing firm uses source documents and programs on CPA server and leave the data there after completing the tax return.
All queries relating to the job, etc. are sent through e-mail system from outsourcing firm.

In the above method, you would notice that clients’ data is not leaving CPA server hosted in US and sits only there till tax return is completed. Only difference is that instead of somebody working in house outsourcing firm work from here in India even while you are sleeping.

CPA firm doesn't need to spend an additional Tax software licenses as 0utsourcing firm may use the same license CPA currently have because of the difference in work timings.

In nutshell 1040 outsourcing is an opportunity to make business model more robust and make CPA Firms ready to meet future challenges and attain growth avenues as the benefits are evident. Lot of CPA firms are already getting benefited through it, why not you?
Need Tax Help?
Having a few more resources at really low cost can make tax season go easier for CPA and tax preparatory firms.

And when the cost per return can be as low as $25 per return*, then there is no need to stress about tax season….see how SandMartin can help you
About SandMartin
SandMartin has established a reputation in assisting accountancy practices in US, UK on virtually all accounting processes from bookkeeping to tax work. We manage your accounts and tax work with the highest level of professionalism, accuracy, timeliness, and quality, thus freeing you to focus on the more important strategic work. That’s why rather than termed as outsourcers we are called, “Sand Sourcers”

We are also specialized on various other tax returns including Partnership Tax Return (1065), Small Corporation Tax return (1120s), Corporation Tax Return (1120), Payroll Tax Return, etc and provide you on stop shop solution for your other needs like bookkeeping, accounts production, etc.

We also provide back office support services in the areas of Retirement Plan Accounting 401 (K) and Administration, Cafeteria Plan Administration (FSA) including Health, Insurance and Royalty Claims Processing services to a wide range of TPAs/CPAs.

We have a dedicated team of around 100 trained professionals comprising of MBAs, CAs/CPAs, ACCAs, Accountants coupled with top notch infrastructure including VOIP lines, Leased lines, Video Conferencing to name a few.

Experts on majority of tax softwares
Quick contact for free 1040 trial
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How much it costs with SandMartin ?
Fraction of your cost, $25 per return for simple 1040 return. We ensure you guaranteed cost effective work, at a fixed price per return.

• For simple level returns : Charges are USD $25
• For moderate level returns : Charges are USD $55
• For high level returns : Charges are USD $85…………..(Parameters are below)

The beauty of the pricing system is that SandMartin charges are fixed, no matter how much work is involved, it helps you in ascertaining profit margin for every tax job outsourced…………only possible with Sand Sourcing.

Personal Tax Returns (1040)- Parameters

Simple Return: $25/Return Moderate Return: $55/Return High Return:   $85/Return
Wages Income W-2 All simple returns items, plus All simple and moderate return items, plus
Itemized deductions K-1's Passthroughs Business Income
Interest & Dividend Income Rental activity Depreciation part, Addition and deletion of Asset
Taxable refund Adjusted gross income part Casualty & theft losses
Sales of Shares & Security (Transactions 1-15 only entered into the software)  Sales of Shares & Security (Transactions 16-30 only entered into the software)  Sales of Shares & Security (Transactions 31 and above entered into the software)
IRA & Pension distribution 1099-R All credits (when manually entered into the software otherwise simple) State adjustment for non-resident state
Social Security benefit _ Like kind exchange
Other Income _ Installment sale
Estimated tax payments _ Sale of property Form 4797
    More than 1 state tax return
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