Outsourced Business Support Services

In today’s unpredictable economy, while dealing with budget cutbacks and dramatic fluctuations in the market, CEOs and executives have realized the importance of focusing on the core business of the company and letting others handle the other non-core functions of the business.

With the tightened financial strings worldwide, It is no longer news that outsourcing is taking over the business environment. Companies and businesses can virtually outsource any business function – from legal to accounting, administrative, information technology, help desk, manufacturing, content development, just any business function. This massive demand for outsourcing company is tied to one huge factor – cost-saving, as well as tons of other benefits such as competitive advantage and leveraging skills that are lacking in-house.

What Type of Services Can Be Outsourced?

There are different types of outsourcing services that businesses can contract with an outsourcing company. Basically, outsourcing services are grouped into four;

  • Professional service
  • Manufacturing service
  • Process-specific service
  • Operational service

Professional Outsourcing Service

The business functions listed under professional outsourcing services include legal, accounting, information technology, HR, marketing, purchasing, as well as other specialized services. This type of arrangement offers potentially increased cost savings, making outsourcing in these areas a popular trend. The most outstanding advantage is that a company gains access to high quality resources and does not pay beyond the services used. The ultimate outcome is significant reduction in a company’s overhead costs. An experienced accountant in India charges an average of $10-15 hourly, depending upon his experience. Though it sounds like a fantasy as local accountants costs anywhere near $55-70 per hour, which means a cost saving of approx. 80%.

Manufacturing Outsourcing Services

This type of outsourcing service is often industry-specific in its nature. Companies are leaning towards reducing blue collar jobs. Like any car company utilizing this process to cut down on their product assembly time and cost. Tedious processes such as installing windows in all their models. The biggest advantage that comes from using manufacturing outsourcing service is cost saving, plus decreased assembling time.

Process Specific Service

This type of outsourcing enables the company to focus on their core strength and improve their over-all customer service. In this type of outsourcing, a particular process task is outsourced. An example would be payroll. Businesses could contract with a professional outsourcing expert  for various processes of both front office and back office category such as bookkeeping, business consultancy, data entry, call center, proof reading and editing, marketing, cafeteria plan administration, retirement plan administration, etc.

Operational Outsourcing Service

This type is normally associated with the manufacturing industry. That’s because there’s normally quite a bit of operational tasks and steps required to be taken for the end result to be achieved properly. For instance, equipment repairs and machine maintenance can be outsourced to a specialized outsourcing company.


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