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Established in 1980 SandMartin is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company providing outsourcing solutions in finance and accounting and taxation, back office support services like Retirement Plan and administration , cafeteria plan administration and claims processing services, to various companies in UK, USA, Australia and other wide range of countries. As a foundation member of the “Leading Edge Alliance (LEA)” the world’s second largest accounting association, SandMartin has been able to deliver high quality services to its clients globally. Since, we are an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified organization we ensure the security of data and compliance with regulatory norms.

Our Services
  • From Bookkeeping, Monthly Management of Accounts Preparation of EOY accounts to VAT, GST, Individual and Corporate Tax Returns, Payroll Processing, Cash Flow Management.
  • Retirement Plan Administration, 401K, Form 5500 and back office support services to TPA’s enable them to focus on business and maximize profitability.
  • FSA, HRA and HSA Plan administration and complete end to end solutions to TPA’s enable the growth of business, reduce costs and maximize profitability.
  • Setting up of and management of international and domestic BPO’s , Call Centers and provide a wide range of ITeS services to international and Indian companies.
  • Providing advisory and consulting services globally for over three decades enabling clients to establish a presence India. We also enable domestic Co's to set up business Internationally.
  • Offering Legal Advisory services, enabling business set up’s in India and a wide range of domestic accountancy services.
Advantages For You

Proven Track Record

SandMartin is an established outsourcing and consulting service provider. We have over three decades of experience in providing outsourcing and consultancy services to global companies
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Quality Management

We are an ISO 9001:2015 registered company from Quality Austria, which gives peace of mind to our client’s prospects regarding systematic quality controls mechanism, is in place, outputs are
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SandMartin ensures that optimal level of security is in place keeping in mind both Physical and Network security giving peace of mind to international clients
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One Stop Shop

We are a “One Stop Shop” for all outsourcing and consulting needs of national and international firms; our experience has helped us in gaining strong domain expertise in accounts & tax
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Modern Infrastructure

Our offices in New Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon & Mumbai with state-of-art IT infrastructure provide both Physical & Network security. IT infra installed by DELL Computers provides us with state
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Human Resources

We have a dedicated team of over 300+ trained professionals in Indian and International laws relating to pension, income tax, corporate laws & software’s, etc. These consist of CAs, CPAs
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Our offices located in the business hubs of India -Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida provide us an advantage to be in proximity to our client locations, enabling access to a greater
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Business Continuity

For over 35 years our team of over 300+ trained professionals is fully equipped to provide customized outsourcing solutions. Thus, enabling businesses to concentrate on their core activities
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Effective Client Management System

Our innovative web portal design enables effective client management. Thus providing our clients working papers in their style of practice or as desired
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Client Testimonials

There is a very natural partnership between our companies based on the same values & work ethics, which has helped us to meet our overall objective of “Better Client Servicing” and expanding our business. SandMartin has been like an extension of our own office overseas providing us access to a dependable team, enhancing our processing capabilities, improving turn-around times for clients all with added advantage of lower costs of processing the work.
P. Smith
Finding a perfect cut jewelry piece for an exclusive individual and catering to the international market is a persistent task but it is well taken care of by a team of expert designers and craftsman at our end. In order to pursue this vision, I found SandMartin as a suitable partner, who is dedicated to furnish different client’s Finance and Accounting needs on an international platform. SandMartin Outsourcing experts’ understood our Reconciliation needs solidifies value addition through their Global Processes solutions.
Having previously experienced difficulties with another service provider, we took a very cautious approach in selecting a replacement provider, including looking at a number of firms & carrying out detailed due diligence on these firms. The selection of SandMartin has proven to be a good decision. We appreciate their dedication to providing us with a quality service and their knowledge of the UK. I am pleased to say that we see SandMartin as very much an extended part of our team.
A. Boronte
The web portal is excellent as it monitors every assignment in its processing cycle. The FTE team works well for us as the work is produced to our quality standard and is well managed.
V. Shah
Language is no barrier with SandMartin as they are well versed in English language. Their systems ensure consistency of service and feedback that is instantly acted upon. The quality of our work has dramatically increased now I can leave Sand Martin to give me a tidy, accurate work file with excellent audit trails. They constantly ensure that they are using my systems in the most efficient way possible & have increased my knowledge of IT!
J .Pillow
A fixed team helped to build the rapport required for an effective outsourcing relationship and that gave us a better service and a more profitable outsourcing model. The fact that you know who is working for you gives you much more confidence in the output.
P. Winter

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UK Spring Budget 2024

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