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Corporate International

SandMartin (established in 1984) is an extension of Domestic Accounting Practice, operating for the last 30 years providing international consulting and services in the areas of finance, accounts, taxation and auditing to clients in India and abroad. SandMartin’s dedicated expertise in these fields has enabled the company to create a foothold in International Accounting & Tax Outsourcing Market in a very short period of time Director of the firm, Mr. Sunil Goel, noted the advent of better internet connectivity at the turn of the millennium has helped the firm to become one of the longest established boutique accounts and tax outsourcing firms, as termed by ICAS and Accountancy Age.

Today, SandMartin’s tax preparation services provide Top 20 Accounting Firms as well as sole proprietors based in the UK, the US and Australia with a great new way of handling their tax compliance workload and meeting filing timing deadlines. “It is no doubt a life saver for many firms, which had a tremendous pressure to cut down cost in the recessionary period,” commented Mr. Goel. “SandMartin already has considerable experience in the UK, the US & Australia in individual and corporate tax preparation including India and is placed impeccably to serve CA/CPA firms abroad.” SandMartin also specializes in Partnership Tax Return, Corporate Tax Return, Payroll Tax Return, Bookkeeping and Accounts Production, in addition to Retirement Plan Administration, Cafeteria Plan Administration, Super Funds, etc.

In summary, the firm provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all Accounting and Taxation needs from its state of the art offices in Noida, New Delhi and Mumbai with a team of around 100 plus people working for them. Mr. Goel and assistant vice president Mr. Ahuja also explained to Corporate INTL: “There has recently been a need of greater transparency of transactions from the tax havens. India is examining its own financial relationships with Mauritius and Cyprus in particular, which together account for 46% of total inward direct investment into India in the last decade. In fact, Mauritius overtook the US in this period as the largest direct investor in India. This shows how markets are distorted by the offshore system and thus a dire need to have transparent exchange of information from them.” For more information please visit

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