How Third-Party Administrators can Sail Through the Upcoming 2021 Claims Administration Season

Claims Administration

COVID-19 is reshaping economies and societies, abruptly forcing many of us to rethink the way we live and work. This includes Benefit Administrators, who must continue to adjudicate medical, disability etc. claims in a fair and consistent manner amid the pandemic. Learn How Third-Party Administrators can Sail Through the Upcoming 2021 Claims Administration Season.

Yet despite this historic disruption, TPAs will need to consider how to fairly approach any abnormal profits expected in 2020 owing to deferred care and the possible higher-than-normal claims in 2021 owing to deferred care returning. In other words, the right response for administrators to this revolution may be evolution.

The COVID-19 crisis has provided a rapid acceleration of adoption rates for offshore solutions and virtual services. We believe that the demand for innovative solutions will be stronger than ever as Administrators move into the next normal.

While it cannot be accurately predicted how Covid-19 will affect future benefits, Third-Party Administrators can sail through the upcoming Claims Administration season with the help of off-shored solutions that can help alleviate administrative burden, reduce cost and provide significant value to their clients.

SandMartin’s Claims Administration Services offer an efficient and cost-effective means of supplementing existing business operations or addressing the immediate needs. We have the software, technology, expertise and proven methodologies to help TPAs streamline inefficient business functions and keep their operation running smoothly.

Claims Administration Services for Third Party Administrators

Claims Processing

We have been handling FSA, HRA & HSA claims for a large number of clients. The processing includes reimbursing out of pocket claims and adjudicating debit card claims.

  • Health & Personal Care
  • Dependent Care
  • Tuition Claims
  • Commuter Choice Claims
  • Transport Claims
Claims Data Management

Data entry and correction, EDI claims intake support that will free up your team to provide better clients value proposition.

Claims Adjudication

Offload labor-intensive claims adjudication, claims payment adjustments, plan building and provider maintenance functions.

Claims Overload

Accommodate those instances where your in-house team is temporarily overburdened and you are in an overflow situation. Our robust claims team can help you manage backlog, cover vacation time, relieve overtime situations and implement new accounts with quick turnaround time.

Differentiate Your Services for Employers

Imagine if you could power Claims Administration with the smartest and most experienced offshored claims administration provider available. With SandMartin, you can quickly race to the front and offer employers the capabilities they need on their journey to claims satisfaction and successful consumer-driven outcomes.

Did you know that your employer clients are relying on consumer-driven health plans and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as a core strategy for controlling costs? With SandMartin providing you 50-60% cost savings in your benefit administration work, you can lower your costs or provide discounts to your clients in these challenging times.

Our claims administration team is accustomed to remote working and can take all your workload so that you can improve claims efficiency, reduce dependence on in house staff, personalize engagement, and drive customer satisfaction from a single platform.

Special Covid Offer for TPAs

In the upcoming Claims Administration season, position yourself ahead of the competition and provide tangible value by streamlining the claims process. We have recently announced the Special Covid Offers to help Third Party Administrators thrive in the covid impacted benefit administration environment.

  1. INCREASED FTE HOURS: Committed hours delivery increased from 140 hours per month to 160 hours per month for any 3 months in a year
  2. FREE TRIAL: A free trial of up to 10 hours can be offered to gauge the quality and delivery levels
  3. ROLLOVER UNUSED HOURS: Carry forward of up to 25% of the unused hours for any 3 months in a year
  4. TWO YEARS PRICE LOCK-IN: For the initial 2 years period, instead of annual rates revision

Interested Third Party Administrators can register to avail of any two of the offers or contact us at

Now is the time for benefits administrators to leverage new market opportunities. You need to be adaptable to ensure the most productive decisions are made for all employers and raise the bar to cover all aspects of their insurance program.

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