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Increasingly, companies are leaving behind the use of desktop application or web applications hosted on premises in favor of hosting their solutions in a cloud based platform.

The Cloud outsourcing market will grow with leaps and bounces in a year as customers are becoming more knowledgeable and demanding for fast access to the information whenever and wherever. This is so important that industry experts estimate that by 2018, at least 50% of IT service providers will utilize cloud-based technology and As per the Accountex 2017 research, >90% of the business will move on to cloud, as part of their business strategy.

Taking into account the evolution and changes of the outsourcing industry, the sector is moving towards offering more efficient services aided by the automation of processes and new technologies. In such business environment, and with the presence of cutthroat competition in the industry, companies will have to keep up to the pace of evolution, and thus Cloud Outsourcing is the step ahead.

“Cloud outsourcing is more than just a trend, but a future-oriented technology”- Why?

  • Cost
    Low investments – Cloud computing solutions reduce your investment costs and therewith the obstacles of tightened financial strings of the company. For instance, it is much more expensive and time consuming for the accounting firms to keep backups and upgrade the traditional accounting software than to work on cloud solutions.
  • Scalability
    By virtualizing the technique Cloud Computing offers possibilities to adjust your company to changing number of users with minimum effort, and thus while outsourcing, the cloud becomes a great facilitator in adding more users and producing better outputs.
  • Simplicity & Locational Independence
    The beauty of cloud is the simplicity it offers and flexibility it gives you to run your business from work, home, or on the go. You can be confident that you have an up-to-date picture of how your business is doing, no matter where you are. With this simplicity and flexibility, outsourcing becomes much easier. For instance, taking the example of the same accounting firm, the outsourced function could be handled by a team present at a different geographical location and a collaborated clear overview of the financial position could be gained at a different geographical location.
  • Security
    The cloud is one of the most secure ways to store information. In addition to this, if you invite users to view your data, you can control the level of access. This is much more secure than the old-fashioned way of emailing your files or sending out a USB stick with your data on it. This enables data security while outsourcing on cloud and thus companies with critical data can also outsource their functions.
  • Applications
    Many cloud services do not just offer sync and storage. Some also offer plenty of applications and services that could greatly benefit your company, such as in the fields of cloud accounting, peripherals apps such as Spotlight, Receipt Bank, etc. are offered by Xero for further company benefits.

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